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“The alliance” between Rivian and Mercedes died after just three months


The collaboration agreement between Rivian and Mercedes-Benz died just three months after it was signed. The divorce stems from a reorganization of the European production network for Mercedes vans, and in particular from the choice to focus on a new proprietary platform called VAN.EA.


From the agreement between the two car manufacturers a joint venture aimed at the production of a new generation of electric vans should have been born, but nothing more will be done about it.

The plan had already been outlined and announced to the public. Mercedes and Rivian were to work together on a new series of electric vans produced in Europe. The production center would be located in a new Polish factory in Jawor.

But Mercedes does not intend to bear the blame for the divorce. “It’s the fault of Rivian’s continuous redefinition of priorities and road map”, they explain from Stuttgart. In short, the Americans would have gone back on their word too many times, and would therefore no longer be judged a reliable partner. Rivian itself explained that it wanted to concentrate its efforts on the US market — where, moreover, it can count on a partnership with the e-commerce giant Amazon.


Fortunately, the end of the alliance between the two manufacturers will not spell the end of plans to build a new factory in Poland . Mercedes will continue to invest in the construction of the new Jawor factory , which will house part of the production of its new generation electric vans.


Some of Mercedes’ electric vans will also be produced in Dusseldorf and Ludwigsfelde, Germany, and in Vittoria, Spain.



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