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The 10 best smartphones of 2022 according to Wired

The 10 best smartphones of 2022 according to Wired.

It was a close fight but as always there is only one winner among this year’s 10 best smartphones. That’s what it is.

After following the panorama of the best smartphones month by month for a year with updated rankings and reviews, even at the end of 2022 a final point on the 10 best products that have seen the light of day in the last 12 months could not be missing. What concluded was a difficult year for the sector: after a steady and robust growth, device sales have cooled off, with a decline of almost 10%. However, this slowdown has not affected the plans of the companies which, in keeping with their roadmaps, have punctually launched all the envisaged models.

We have tried all the gadgets that follow, and our ranking represents a reliable history of what happened in the 365 days of the year that is about to end. Starting from the first in the standings and going down to tenth place, the smartphones that entered our top ten – one for each brand – represent representative devices in terms of technical characteristics, design, user experience and innovation .

Our top ten

So here are the best smartphones of 2022 according to Wired, while for an all- inclusive list of all recent and noteworthy models we have two other galleries: one dedicated to the best phones that have marked the last 12 months and one reserved for 200 -300 euros.


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