Tesla to recall more than 80,000 vehicles

Electric vehicle maker Tesla will recall more than 80,000 vehicles manufactured in 2013 and earlier due to software and seat belt issues, according to a statement from the Chinese market regulator.

The US-based electric car maker recalled 67,698 Model S and Model X cars imported into China between September 2013 and November 2020. It has been reported that the vehicles in question have software problems affecting the battery system.


Tesla has promised to update the software of the recalled vehicles.  

Tesla also recalled 2,736 Model 3 vehicles manufactured outside of China between January and November 2019, and 10,127 cars of the same model manufactured in China between October 14 and September 26, 2022. These vehicles have potentially incorrect seat belt installation. Tesla management announced that it will control the vehicles and wear them with new belts.

Last April, Tesla recalled a total of 127,785 Model 3 cars in China. The problem with these vehicles was that possible malfunctions in the semiconductor components that could lead to collisions were identified.


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