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Tesla has installed over 40,000 Supercharger stations around the world


Tesla proudly announced that it has surpassed the milestone of 40,000 Supercharger stations installed worldwide. In Europe there are already over 10 thousand, while in June last year the company announced that it had reached 35 thousand Superchargers worldwide.


In just a few months, Tesla installed another 5,000 charging stations. We remind you that in more and more countries (Italy included) the ultra-fast Supercharger columns have also been opened to car owners of competing brands. Precisely for this reason, charging stations are becoming an increasingly important asset for Tesla, which can thus monetize its charging network, obtaining an important new profit item.

The price list depends on the type of vehicle owned. Tesla car owners will continue to benefit from lower rates. Nonetheless, the prices offered by Tesla are quite competitive and third-party car owners will still be able to obtain the same prices offered to Tesla owners by subscribing to a subscription with a monthly cost of €12.99.

Tesla car owners and subscribers pay €0.67 per kWh during peak hours. The fare drops to €0.6 during the time slot from 8.01pm to 3.59pm. Owners of third-party cars without a subscription will pay €0.83/kWh (peak hours) and €0.74/kWh.


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