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Tesla confirms excellent results also in 2022, despite some problems


During the first quarter of the year of 2022, as recently confirmed, Tesla was able to achieve some really excellent results.


The company actually found itself having to deal with various problems with regard to its chain, which in fact had the opportunity to slightly limit the results and could have repercussions on the remaining year, but it must still be said that the figures quoted on the pages of Electrek are simply excellent.

The company delivered more than 310,000 cars to customers in Q1 , despite the Shanghai Gigafactory , which led many to believe the company would not break last year’s records. In fact, we are talking about a result of 308,000 cars shipped in Q4 2021, with the new figure which is therefore the highest peak that has been reached so far by the giant.

The company also confirmed, in addition to having shipped over 310,000 vehicles, that it had produced 305,000, recalling the problems with the Gigafactories. Comparing everything to the same period last year, we realize how enormous the improvement is, given that over 180,000 vehicles were produced in Q1 2021 and over 184,000 delivered.






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