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Tesla: Are you breaking the rules? The manufacturer bans you from autonomous driving

Tesla: Are you breaking the rules? The manufacturer bans you from autonomous driving.


Tesla declares war on unruly users. We talk about the Full Self-Driving Beta, Tesla’s advanced semi-autonomous driving system currently in the experimental phase. Two weeks ago the automaker released a new over-the-air software update that, among other things, penalizes and fines users who misuse the system.


A danger to their own safety, and perhaps above all to that of others. The new system now comes with a two-week ban from FSD mode (which, by the way, you have to pay). The ban is triggered automatically every time the user receives five forced disengagements from the autopilot.

Forced disarming usually occurs when the user ignores the audible and visual warnings given by the car, for example when the hands are not kept on the steering wheel, or other advice is not followed to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Tesla reserves the right to suspend access to Full Self-Driving Mode (Beta) in all cases where improper use of the system is detected. Misuse occurs when you or another driver gets five Forced Autopilot Disengages


reads the notes accompanying the new update.


The note goes on to remind users to always keep their hands on the wheel and an alert attitude when semi-autonomous driving is active. We remind you that the use of portable devices while driving is never allowed”.



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