Terme di Saturnia: guide to a small paradise in the Maremma


Terminal structures with natural hot springs and mud therapy treatments, massages, swimming pools and specific medical therapies at more or less luxurious costs are everywhere. The thermal baths of Saturnia , on the other hand, are one of the thermal areas with free access both in winter and in summer. They are sources of sulphurous water in Manciano, Grosseto. Saturnia was instead a very ancient town dating back to the Bronze Age. The area is in Maremma, a little piece of paradise in southern Tuscany. The main waterfalls of the Terme di Saturnia are the Mulino waterfalls. To get to the spa by car , here are the guidelines:

  • from the north: A1 Milan-Bologna-Florence motorway. Exit at Firenze Certosa, follow the highway towards Siena – Grosseto – Scansano – Montemerano – Saturnia
  • from the south: A12 Rome – Civitavecchia, exit Civitavecchia. Follow the SS1 Aurelia up to Montalto di Castro. Immediately after passing Montalto di Castro, exit at the Vulci crossroads and follow the signs for Manciano – Saturnia
  • to reach the Cascate del Mulino instead, it is sufficient to take the road that leads from Scansano to Manciano

In short, an easy route to get to a special place where you can immerse yourself in a relaxing dimension! The waterfalls have a significant source flow rate ( 800 liters per second). They have a temperature of 37.5 degrees with elements that give the person well-being. The waters are rich in mineral salts and sulphur. According to experts it is the best Italian thermal water. Its secret is the cover of a clayey protection which isolates all types of external contamination and absorbs the chemical elements beneficial to man. There are numerous fields of thermal water therapy in Saturnia:

  • dermatology (acne, eczema, psoriasis, allergic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, mycosis)
  • chronic otorhinolaryngology (pharyngitis), chronic tonsillitis, chronic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis
  • respiratory system (chronic bronchitis, chronic rhino-sinus-bronchial syndrome)
  • musculoskeletal system (osteoarthritis, rheumatism, paramorphisms)
  • digestive system (dyspepsia, constipation)

In Saturnia, in addition to paid establishments, there are also free spas , such as the Mulino waterfalls , a tourist attraction for many years now. The continuous flow of water has created terraces of limestone pools, where you can immerse yourself to benefit from the virtues of the water. Entrance and parking are free, and this is the notoriety of the thermal baths of Saturnia. The crowding of visits occurs mainly on summer weekends. You can also enjoy a well-stocked and cheap bar for drinking and eating, also ideal for those passing through. If you don’t like summer crowds , it’s better to choose a nice midweek day in low season. Choosing a time in the evening becomes an unforgettable experience. However, here are some aspects not to be overlooked:

  • bring rock slippers to move around better
  • a small umbrella in hot weather and sunscreen
  • a nice towel to dry out of the water, while if you go in a cold season bring a spare ready, as well as a suitable swimsuit
  • do not stay too long in the thermal water for those with dermatological problems or sensitive skin
  • enter the waters that are too hot with caution, if you have low blood pressure

In summer it is an adventure that invigorates body and spirit. Taking a bath under the stars is ideal with whirlpools of hot water that rise towards the sky creating a magical and surreal atmosphere. If you go at night , bring a flashlight and sandals to walk on the slippery rocks. Don’t bring too many items, as the venue is outdoors. In short, an absolutely recommendable experience!

  • Guide to the Terme di Saturnia in Maremma, which ones are free and free for everyone (


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