Tensions rise between Serbia and Kosovo

Kosovo police reported that Serbs have erected a new barricade in the northern Kosovo municipality of Zveçan. It is stated that the freedom of movement is violated with the erection of the barricades.

In a statement made by the Kosovo police, it was stated that “a new barricade was erected during the night in the Berxhane Neighborhood, which goes to Zveçan, in order to continue to hinder the freedom of movement of citizens in the north of the country, which makes life more difficult.”


Emphasizing that the police continue to ensure the safety of all citizens and the country, the statement said, “The security situation has remained the same since the barricades were set up in the north of the country. The Jarinje and Bërnjak border gates continue to be closed, as is known, due to the barricades of criminal groups.”

In the statement, it was pointed out that the freedom of movement was violated by the erection of the barricades.


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