Tellington Ttouch – that’s what it is


Tellington Ttouch is gentle teaching designed for family pets based on tactile stimulation. Also, moreover, on the perception of one’s own body without the aid of sight. This method is used to have a greater balance on the part of the subject and give input to a state of emotional and physical well-being.

There are Tellington Ttouch techniques that use three different macro areas of action. We talk about bandages, the aid of specific obstacles, tactile stimulations, and tools to reach a state of well-being and relaxation. Professionals who have studied Tellington Ttouch are called practitioners.


By stimulating the body through contact, we favor the receipt of new information by the subject. The bandages also promote self-awareness, both when stationary and in motion. The basic concept is based on the idea that the psyche and body are strongly connecher and, therefore, condition each other. It can be applied following surgery, but also in the context of sporting and cynotechnical activities. In particular, however, it is suitable for the rehabilitation of subjects experiencing states of anxiety or fear, or in dogs showing reactive behaviors.

Valeria Rapezzi, canine instructor expert in behavioral rehabilitation and dog disability and Tellington Ttouch practitioner


This method is more appreciated by dogs that love contact. Whoever carries out this method must make the dog feel at ease, if the manipulation is not accepted you must be patient. In the meantime, establish an indirect, gradual contact, open to reciprocal communication. The pet mate must put into practice what the practitioner proposes.

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