Teleportation: open a “wormhole in space-time”


Not everyone knows what a wormhole is, a bridge in space-time that connects two different places, created on a quantum processor. An experiment, which exploited, can give further information on quantum gravity. Until now it had not been possible to observe wormholes with quantum physics, leaving the exotic matter hypothesis open. This one with the characteristics of negativity has made itself available to open a wormhole. 


Maria Spiropulu at Caltech and Daniel Jafferis at Harvard University attempted the experiment. The goal was to create a wormhole-like teleportation system. They used a quantum teleportation of information between two entangled particles. A process capable of taking place instantaneously by emulating the sending of quantum information with a gravitational wormhole. 

A quantum processor has therefore been found to be the ideal experimental device for exploring the similarities between quantum teleportation and wormholes. He has been shown to be able to keep a wormhole open long enough to send information with the application of shockwaves of negative energy. The latter are the only ones that can open the wormhole, they are also the only ones that allow the passage of signals. 

Since the shockwaves of negative energy are the only ones that can open the wormhole, they are also the only ones that allow signals to pass through. A remarkable step towards gravitational physics using quantum processors. In the future, there will be new ideas to explore, and experiments on gravity from quantum computers are expected. 

  • Teleportation: a quantum processor has opened a “wormhole in space-time” (


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