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Telemarketing, goodbye to the far west: the public register of oppositions will be active from tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, July 27, the portal of the public register of oppositions will be active. There are four ways to sign up.


Starting tomorrow, July 27, the portal of the public register of oppositions will be active . The service allows you to express your opposition to receiving advertising calls free of charge.

How do you register in the opposition register ? There are four different ways: by filling out the form on the site, by calling the toll-free number 800 265 265, by sending an email to the address “” attaching a completed form, or by sending a registered letter always attaching the required documentation.

In theory it should offer a solution to the annoying problem of wild telemarketing, in practice it is feared that it will not be enough.

By law, call centers operating in Italy will have to adapt to consumer preferences. If their number appears in the public opposition register, the user cannot be called for telemarketing purposes. The problem is that – as evidenced by several cases in the news – not all call centers act within the framework of legality, even more so considering how even in our country the cases of authentic fraud advocated by telephone are multiplying, often using robocalls , that is, recorded voices, and in some cases managing telemarketing operations from abroad.

But that’s not all: the public register limits itself to canceling any consent to previous telemarketing, but membership in the register is not permanent. In theory, the user could inadvertently give consent to the use of his number for marketing purposes even after having registered with the register, at which point the last signature would be valid. People will still be able to register as often as they like.


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