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Tech scalpers have lost interest in the PS5

The raids of the bots that have so far plundered the units put up for sale by Sony seem to be in sharp decline

After finally loosening their grip on graphics cards, tech scalpers seem to have lost interest: so much so that so-called PS5 bots are on the decline. Sony’s new generation console is still very difficult to find given the shortage of stocks , but in recent weeks it has seen a sharp decline in automatic purchases – or perhaps better defined as raids – operated by bots, the tools programmed ad hoc to attack everyone the new lots placed online by retailers. Now two years after its launch, therefore, the scenario could change with greater possibilities of recovering a Ps5 online or in stores or at least seeing waiting times drastically reduced.


Ps5 had immediately become a very complicated asset to buy given that the semiconductor crisis due to the covid-19 pandemic had forced Sony to produce a much more limited number of the original plans. In the last two years it has been necessary to book and queue up with a lot of patience, while those who just couldn’t wait were forced to dig into their wallets , paying sums even well in excess of 1,000 euros for a product that would cost around half. Amazon had also recently set up an invitation system precisely to discourage the action of bots or programs that notice the presence of available stocks and place orders a few seconds after going online. We have arrived in Japanto sell consoles in an open box, so as to invalidate the “new” condition and put a spanner in the works of businessmen.

It is significant to remember how, despite the difficulties, Sony still managed to sell 25 million Ps5, a symptom that many users then managed to buy the console in one way or another: and it is precisely for this reason that the times of fat cows for the tech touts they seem finished , given that the potential users to whom to resell at a higher price have already been satisfied. The scenario that will open in 2023 could therefore be that of increasingly abundant stocks with the possibility, sooner or later, of imagining being able to enter an online or physical store and go out with a ps5 as happened in the past with previous generations.


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