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Tchia, the new trailer presents the Soul Jumping

Tchia , the tropical adventure coming to PC and exclusively on PS5 and PS4 consoles, is back with a new trailer that shows the mechanics of Soul Jumping. It is an ability that allows the protagonist to take control of the objects and creatures that populate the beautiful island of New Caledonia.

As you can see from the video, the interesting ability of Soul Jumping will benefit us in exploration and can also be exploited during the battles against the bizarre creatures that we will meet during the adventure. For example, we can transform ourselves into a turtle to discover the treasures hidden in the seabed or transform ourselves into a lantern to be thrown at the enemy.

Announced during the 2020 The Game Awards, Tchia presents itself as an open world with an exotic atmosphere . In the game we will have the opportunity to take the form of animals and objects to leave for an incredible adventure that will allow us to discover the many secrets hidden by the island and its inhabitants.

We remind you that Tchia will be available at the beginning of 2023 on PC, PS4 and PS5.


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