Tax wedge: maneuver in CDM


The government presented the new budget law relating to just over 5 billion for the 3-point cut in the tax wedge . Among which 2 will confirm the contribution discount already in place for workers with incomes of up to 35 thousand euros. One point will reduce the contribution rate payable by companies. The abolition of the basic income for the 660,000 employable people is expected to finance the wedge cut . The government expects to recover at least 2 billion euros. Also envisaged is the facilitated taxation of profits held abroad by companies. One way to have the opportunity to release the 9% reserves for those who keep them across the border. 6% instead for those who bring dividends back to Italy to capitalize the company.


The maneuver on the zeroing of VAT on bread and milk will come out, while the reduction of the rate on baby products and intimate hygiene products has been discussed. The Amazon tax on ecommerce is still open in relation to deliveries. However, destined to be set aside for a doubling of 6% of the Digital service tax. An anti-evasion law arrives for the Flax tax on VAT numbers . Anyone who exceeds 85,000 euros and exceeds 100,000 euros in 2023 will leave the subsidized regime with a 15% tax. It therefore returns to the ordinary regime, while those with just under 100 thousand euros return to the progressive levy for the following year.

  • Tax wedge, pensions and income squeeze: what’s in the maneuver today in CDM (


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