Tank support message from EU to Ukraine

European Union (EU) Council President Charles Michel said that the West is in favor of providing tank aid to Ukraine.

Tank support message from EU to Ukraine.

In his speech within the framework of the European Parliament’s (EP) General Assembly sessions in Strasbourg, President of the European Council Charles Michel Stated That The West Will Continue To Support Ukraine In The Russia- Ukraine war.


Stating that it is necessary to continue to support Ukraine with the help of weapons against Russia, Charles Michel said, “We, as the EU, will continue to support the Ukrainians until necessary. The time has come, they urgently need equipment, and I personally favor the supply of tanks to Ukraine.” .

Criticizing Russia’s war policy against Ukraine, Charles Michel, President of the European Council, said, “For a year, Russia has been following a strategy of destruction and terror by bombarding the Ukrainian people. But the Ukrainians are resisting.”
While it is not known what effects this exit from the EU side will have on the Russia-Ukraine war, Russia’s response to this exit is curious.


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