Tank summit for Ukraine tomorrow

After Britain announced that it would help Ukraine by sending 14 Challenger 2 type main battle tanks, the circle around the critical German Leopard 2 tanks got tighter.

Tank summit for Ukraine tomorrow.


Eyes were turned to the defense ministerial meeting to be held at Ramstein Base in Germany with the participation of many countries tomorrow.


Leopard 2 tanks, which are in the inventory of 13 European countries, including Turkey, and whose number is over two thousand, will be among the main agenda items of the meeting. The US continues to put pressure on Berlin to allow Germany to send these tanks to Ukraine and allow other countries to send them.

Observers think that it will not be a surprise if a positive statement about the Leopard 2 tanks comes out of this meeting. Poland and Finland declared that they were ready to send these tanks to Ukraine. Other countries may follow these two countries. A positive move by Germany could also pave the way for France to send a symbolic number of Leclerc main battle tanks. The USA, on the other hand, does not give signals to send from Abrams tanks, which are difficult to maintain and have different fuel needs.


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