Tandem photovoltaic: new world record

Tandem photovoltaic: new world record.


The new world record for silicon and perovskite tandem photovoltaics. The most efficient conversion of light into electricity took place in the Helmholtz Center Berlin (HZB). The new technology has achieved an efficiency of 32.5%. The certified value entered directly among the technological achievements of solar energy. Tandem photovoltaics increase module efficiency by using known semiconductors. There is a combination of different solar cells, increasing the overall yield. 


This is nothing new for the HZB, it had already made silicon-perovskite solar cells in 2021 with an efficiency of 29.8%. Then in Switzerland in the summer of 2022, a tandem photovoltaic cell with a certified efficiency of 31.3% was reported for the first time. The institute has never stopped and boasts the new world record. 


It really is a big leap forward that, a few months ago, we didn’t even have. All the teams involved in the HZB, especially the PV Competence Center (PVComB) and the HySPRINT Innovation lab teams worked together successfully and with passion.


Professor Steve Albrecht

The team led by the professor used an advanced perovskite composition with a clever modification of the interface. Something that can reduce charge carrier recombination losses. The cell had high performance because it was increased by further optical improvements.


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