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Tales of Arise was originally going to be a new IP and not a Tales of


Hirokazu Kagawa and Yusuke Tomizawa, respectively director and producer of Tales of Arise, have declared that the game should have been called Arise, giving birth to a new IP for Bandai Namco. However, in the end the development team decided to propose a new Tales of adventure, despite a series of differences both in terms of tone and gameplay compared to the old Tales of.

It is not clear what reasons prompted the publisher not to launch a new IP, there are probably financial reasons behind this decision. After all, embarking on a new adventure would have exposed the publisher to the risk of potential failure, exactly as happened with Scarlet Nexus, while having the name of an already known saga helps to have greater appeal.

Currently available for PC and consoles, Tales of Arise  is the latest installment in Bandai Namco’s popular JRPG series. The game is presented today as one of the deepest and most mature chapters of the saga with a multifaceted and even more evolved combat system. A step of decisive importance towards the future of the series, both in terms of content and appearance.

  • Tales Of Arise Was Originally Intended To Be A Brand-New IP (


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