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Superheroes at your fingertips: Marvel Snap conquers everyone

Free, usable everywhere, and based on superheroes. And then, the game works and is fun. Excellent premises that accompanied the launch of Marvel Snap, the new trading card video game dedicated to the famous characters of the House of Ideas, which have been perfectly maintained. Snap is the phenomenon of the moment, and it is conquering even the most unexpected.


Making your way into the trading card game genre is certainly not easy. It is an insidious market, dominated by a few prominent names and capable of making illustrious victims. Marvel Snap, however, is off to a good start. With its simple, accessible and immediate style, the video game developed by Nuverse and Second Dinner Studios, available for free on iOS and Android, has been able to bewitch millions of players around the world, who couldn’t wait to get virtually in the field with all your favorite superheroes.

Marvel Snap’s structure is very simple, also because the game is made for typical hit-and-run matches and, rightly so, it shouldn’t have too complex dynamics for the general public. Two players challenge each other in a playing field characterized by three sections each of which has a peculiar characteristic, depending on the random setting that is chosen: whoever obtains the highest strength score in at least two fields, determined by the cards played, will have won the game. The game then takes place over a total of six rounds, in each of which the players can play, or not, one or more of the available cards drawn from their deck. Clearly, the cards represent the various Marvel superheroes made famous in the last fifteen years on the big screen, but also with other exponents of the printed paper. Each of these cards has a particular ability: Ant-Man, for example, can increase his strength if he is in a full field (a maximum of 4 cards for each sector); Mister Fantastic, leader of the Fantastic 4, is able to donate some of his strength to nearby fields; Ironheart, a character who recently made his big screen debut as Dominique Thorne in the film “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”, instead increases the stats of some allied cards, and so on.

Marvel Snap is apparently an unpretentious game, and instead hides a perfect combination of casual experience, strategy and the ability to better interpret the situation, with the evolution of the battle to the sound of cards. After all, the combinations are endless, just like Marvel superheroes, and players can therefore indulge themselves in creating their own favorite deck. Whether it is made up of Avengers, Eternals, X-Men, Inhumans or whatever, the most important thing is to be able to better manage all the peculiarities of each superhero, up to fielding a close-knit team – virtually speaking.

Given the media explosion, the team behind Marvel Snap has already set to work to enrich the game with content and news as soon as possible, also because under many points of view it is a still young and immature production, lacking some important features. By the end of the year, barring unforeseen events, both an unranked mode, perfect for experimenting with other decks and heroes without losing online score, and the mode against friends, whose name already explains everything, will arrive for example. Not only that: Marvel Snap will arrive, at least initially only in early access, also on PC, greatly expanding its already large user base. In short, after Marvel continues to struggle in the video game market, except for rare high-level productions such as Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man, Snap is finally a nice green note on the company’s ledger, constantly looking for content to fill the market. Maybe even too many, to be honest.


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