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Super Nintendo World: a look at the new park in Hollywood in this video tour

Super Nintendo World: a look at the new park in Hollywood in this video tour.


After its debut at Universal Studios Japan, Super Nintendo World is finally coming to Hollywood. The opening of the park is scheduled for February 17, 2023, but we can already take a look at the attractions inside thanks to this short video tour published by Attraction Magazine. Let’s see the video:


As you can see, the video allows you to see some of the attractions that will await the public at the opening of the new Super Nintendo World which will allow all visitors to collect coins just like Super Mario, to launch into a daring version of Mario Kart, to face the fearsome Bowser and so much more. In addition, there will also be the opportunity to stop, between one fun and another, at the Toadstool Cafe, where it will be possible to try the delicious dishes prepared by the Toads, and then take some beautiful souvenir photos with Mario, Luigi and Peach.

In short, the Super Nintendo World presents itself as an attraction not to be missed for all lovers of Marian adventures with spectacular physical settings ready to immerse visitors in the colorful atmospheres of one of the most famous and loved Nintendo IP thanks also to the implementation of the virtual reality. Compared to the Japanese version, the Hollywood park will present some variations. For example, the Super Nintendo World in Hollywood does not yet include the path dedicated to Yoshi, even if it still has most of the elements included in the oriental version of the park.

Apparently, the layout of the attractions, in terms of map and access, has been changed, but otherwise the experience aims to be the same. The first impressions of the new park were extremely positive, so we are waiting to see the public’s response to the opening, which is now getting closer.

  • First Insider Look at Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood (


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