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Super Mario Bros. The Movie, here is the new trailer waiting for the debut on April 6th

The Super Mario Bros movie is set to reveal Princess Peach and her Castle, but there’s another surprise on the way.

Below you can see the  new trailer for the film, directly from the Direct. The appointment in  Italian cinemas is set for  next April 6 (it will arrive in the USA on the 7th). At the end of the direct you will also find the  trailer dubbed into Italian



With a surprise announcement in the middle of the night, Nintendo has formalized the arrival of a new Direct dedicated entirely to Super Mario Bros. The Movie , which will show us the second trailer of the animated feature film.

This time the promotional film should show us in more detail Princess Peach (also playable in  Mario Kart 8 Deluxe , discounted on Amazon ) together with the interior of her Castle , judging by the new poster released by Illumination for the occasion, but it should reserve more surprises.


Anya Taylor-Joy , the actress chosen to play the famous princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, had admitted that she wanted to do everything to really be Peach and that she was even ready to wear a themed costume for the promotional tour . While waiting for this day to arrive, however, we will soon be able to discover his animated counterpart of her and the related interpretation of her.

The new Nintendo Direct will be broadcast starting at 11.00 pm Italian today : you can follow it through the video that we will report at the beginning. However, some leaks that have emerged in the last few hours have already anticipated some of the surprises that we will see in the new trailer: if you don’t want to spoil the surprise, we advise you not to continue reading .

Super Mario Bros. The Movie, here is the new trailer waiting for the debut on April 6th

In fact, numerous posters have already emerged on the net in advance which, presumably, should have been published only after the conclusion of the new Super Mario Bros. The Movie Nintendo Direct and which have already offered us some important advances.


The first is the confirmation that Princess Peach will indeed be shown in the new Direct, as one of the new posters comes to show her next to Mario in all her charms.


The second, which for some historical enthusiasts may be much more surprising, is instead represented by the possible debut of Pauline , who appeared for the first time in the original Donkey Kong and also known for her role in the more recent Super Mario Odyssey : one of the posters indeed shows her in the background, suggesting that she could be at least an extra in the film.


Users of the ResetEra forum have summarized all the alleged promotional material at the following address : of course, pending official confirmation, we invite you to take everything with due precautions.

Who knows if the new Nintendo Direct will also confirm the official duration of the feature film : according to a well-known cinema chain, it should have a longevity of just under an hour and a half.

For the moment, Wario and Waluigi therefore do not seem destined to make their debut : we will see if the fun rivals of the most loved Nintendo protagonists in the world will also be revealed in the coming weeks.


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