SUMMARY | Argentina – Saudi Arabia match result: 1-2

There was a big surprise in the 2022 Qatar World Cup Group C match. Argentina, in which Messi wore the jersey, took a 1-0 lead and lost 2-1 to Saudi Arabia. Offside decisions in the first half marked the fight. Argentina lost after 36 matches, losing to Saudi Arabia.

Shock to Messi and his friends! Argentina faced Saudi Arabia in the first match of 2022 Qatar World Cup Group C. Although Argentina took a 1-0 lead at the beginning of the match, Saudi Arabia managed to win the fight 2-1 by signing a big surprise.


Messi scored Argentina’s goal in the 10th minute, while Saudi Arabia’s goals were scored by Saleh Al Shehri in the 48th minute and Salem Al Dawsari in the 53rd minute.

Saudi Arabia started the tournament with 3 points with this win, while Argentina had no points.


2nd minute | Messi came very close to the goal in the penalty area. Messi shot great. Saudi Arabian goalkeeper Alowais did not allow the goal.

GOOOOOL – In the 10th minute, Messi gave Argentina a 1-0 lead with a penalty goal.


22nd minute | Messi hung well behind the defense and sent the ball into the net, but the goal was canceled due to offside.

28th minute | Lautaro Martinez brought the score to 2-0 with a brilliant knockout. Once again the offside flag has been removed. Goal canceled after VAR review.

35th minute | Lautaro Martinez landed well behind the defense on Messi’s pass, met the ball and scored, but once again the offside flag was raised.

at 45+3 | Alfaraj was injured and had to leave the game. Nawaf Alabid is included in the game.

The first half of the match ended with Argentina’s 1-0 advantage. Argentina went offside seven times in the first half.



GOOOOOL | After Messi lost the ball in the midfield in the 48th minute, Saudi Arabia made the situation 1-1 with Alshehri’s goal.

GOOOOOL | In the 53rd minute, Saudi Arabia’s number 10 Aldawsari entered the penalty area with magnificent moves. He sent the ball into the net and made the situation 2-1.

63rd minute | Argentina came very close to the draw. With Tagliafico’s kick, goalkeeper Alowais took the ball into the corner.

80th minute | Argentina awarded a free kick from outside the penalty area. Messi, who took the ball, sent it out in a different way.

90+1. minutes | Argentina approached the goal with Lautaro Martinez. However, Alowais made a great save.

When there was no other goal in the extra time, Saudi Arabia won the match 2-1 and had a big surprise.

Argentina – Saudi Arabia 11s

Argentina: Martinez, Molina, Romero, Otamendi, Tagliafico, Paredes, De Paul, Gomez, Messi, Di Maria, Lautaro Martinez

Saudi Arabia: Alowais, Abdulhamid, Altambakti, Albulayhi, Alshahrani, Kanno, Almalki, Alfaraj, Albrikan, Aldawsari, Alshehri




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