Suicide attack on police station in Indonesia: 1 dead, 8 injured



A police officer was killed and 8 injured in a suicide attack on a police station in Bandung, Indonesia.

Indonesia woke up the day with the news of the Attack. The person with a knife, who entered the garden of a police station in Bandung at around 08:20 local time, turned to the police who were preparing to start working. Quickly running towards the entrance of the police station, the person blew himself up by detonating the bomb on him. West Java Police Spokesman Ibrahim Tompo told reporters that 1 police officer died and 8 people, including 1 civilian, were injured in the attack.

In the footage, which was reflected on amateur cameras right after the incident, it was seen that smoke rose from the garden of the police station and the people around were panicking.

It was reported that Bandung police were working with the anti-terrorism unit in the investigation launched into the incident.


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