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Although the workforce is mainly made up of men, in 2022 we also start talking about women doing business . In fact, there seems to be a lot of work to be done to enhance female entrepreneurship, intervening on training and encouraging young girls to learn scientific and technological skills so as to overcome the difficult barrier of gender stereotypes .


The journalist and writer Adriano Moraglio took care of this. In his book, titled ” Women’s Footprints,” he recounted seven true-life stories of female fulfillment. One of the protagonists is Marianna Carlini, who founded Master Communication , a public relations company. She herself told how the value of kindness is important in a society aimed at recognizing each other’s dignity.


What we need to achieve true equality is kindness, which has the power of a drop of water digging into stone 

Marianna Carlini


A book that tells the truth

Marianna Carlini herself proposed to the writer Moraglio to collect in a book seven testimonies of female fulfilment. In a world where talking about corporate communication is synonymous with men in power, it is also necessary to tell real cases of women , who by committing themselves have managed to contribute by subverting the system, radically changing the way of doing business 

And this is how the famous writer Moraglio began to listen to the precious testimonies of seven women who, thanks to their aspirations and dreams , have decided to take the lead of companies and businesses. Until recently, the latter were hidden figures , who remained behind the scenes of men’s careers and who today finally see their name written in the pages that have made the history of the company. 


These are women from different cultures who, without claiming visibility, have managed to restore a female image against the stereotype . The book tells of many female entrepreneurs, including Edolinda Di Fonzo , the one who, thanks to her inexhaustible energy, took the helm of the Aurora Pen company , creating a union between historic fountain pens and fashion taste. 

We then talk about Lisa Insole , who becomes a big businesswoman after quitting her job as a hostess. Carla Bosio is also mentioned , a woman who inherited the Galfrè food company from her father-in-law , leading it to achieve maximum success. 

A step forward against stereotypes

The story of the managers aims to break down gender roles , making men also understand how important it is to overcome stereotypes and feed on new convictions. Moraglio himself admitted that before writing the book he would never have imagined hearing stories of this magnitude, with combative and determined businesswomen and managers. 


This is why one of the fundamental points of this narration wants to be to speak directly to men as well . A section of the book is in fact dedicated to them, who are asked to trust women so that they can fully express themselves. 

It is therefore extremely important to speak of female entrepreneurship , i.e. those companies run entirely by women, or sole proprietorships and cooperatives which include at least 60% of female people. 

Today more than ever it is essential to address men as well, who must be educated about the sensitivity and great efficiency that women’s contribution can provide to businesses. This book is therefore an incentive to be able to encourage women not to give up and not to assume that there must necessarily be a man at the helm of companies. To promote female entrepreneurship, it is necessary to encourage all those female students who feel excluded in the engineering and mathematical world from an early age. Gender stereotypes have in fact deprived many women of the possibility of enrolling in faculties considered purely male 

Equality, an uphill battle?

The road to gender equality seems to be much smoother today than it was in the last century. Thanks to activism and the numerous testimonies of women who talk about inclusion and the gender gap , society is certainly much more attentive today than in the past. 

The emancipation of women requires testimonies and listening , and it is the work that the writer Moraglio has done. We need to tell stories and experiences so as to broaden the daily debate on what still needs to be fixed in terms of inclusion 

There are still many gleanings that dot the topic of equality, but finally today the monologue becomes a dialogue , and more and more women decide to fight this difficult battle, fighting for gender equality and for their rights. Talking about women in companies was therefore a success for Adriano Moraglio, who also presented his book at the Turin Salone . Her presentation tour continues to talk about the gender issue testifying firsthand that she has met women who have managed to overturn the course of history 

  • The footprint of women: seven testimonials dedicated to female success (


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