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Studio Trigger and CD Projekt: there is good news, after Edgerunners

Studio Trigger has stated that it may return to work with CD Projekt for a new anime, following the success of Cyberpunk Edgerunners.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners , the animated series signed by  Netflix  and created by  Studio Trigger , has proved to be an absolute success, so much so that many want a sequel.


Taking a cue from the now famous title of CD Projekt RED (which you can buy on offer  on  Amazon ) the show has brought together both fans of the animated series and those of the video game.

CD Projekt has confirmed that the Cyberpunk Edgerunners story  is canonical  to the  Cyberpunk 2077 universe,  and that Netflix’s anime series  also features characters from the game .


Now, despite the team reiterating that Edgerunners won’t have a second season, Studio Trigger could still be working on another anime for CDPR, after the success of the first project.

As also reported by Jeux Video , Studio Trigger has declared that it could return to work with CD Projekt for a new anime, after the success of Cyberpunk Edgerunners , but only in case an attractive proposal arrives.


The news, which appeared during an AMA on Reddit , was in fact made known by two members of the animation studio, namely the producer Saya Elder and the director Imaishi Hiroyuki .


Hiroyuki has stated that his favorite episode of the series is the eighth and that Edgerunners is inspired by all the Cyberpunk works that have appeared in the past, including the cult Neon Genesis Evangelion .

As for the new collaboration with CD Projekt, Hiroyuki has announced that he would be happy to receive proposals from the Polish studio.

Considering that Cyberpunk Edgerunners turned out to be an unprecedented success, allowing the game to make up for lost ground and sell millions of copies, this is quite likely.


The series  was announced by CD Projekt in 2020 and Studio Trigger, the animation studio responsible for projects such as Kill la Kill  and  Little Witch Academia .

In our review of the show , we let you know that «it is exceptional both in terms of the animation and the style chosen, thanks also to a story that would not look out of place in the original video game. Every single aspect of the series, from the sound to the voice acting to the visual effects, works perfectly, with the exception of a few small dips in the pacing towards the middle of the work and a few too many clichés.


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