Strike at German airports: 295 thousand passengers affected

295 thousand passengers were affected by the cancellation of flights due to the strike of employees at 7 airports in Germany.

In Germany, the labor union Verdi called for a strike yesterday on the grounds that little progress was made in the collective negotiations with the authorities on the increase in salaries. Employees at airports in Bremen, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Munich and Stuttgart started a 24-hour strike today, at the call of the union. The union said the strike is expected to have a particularly strong impact on domestic air traffic, from flight delays to cancellations and partial closures of air traffic.
gave; He also announced that the strike in the country will not affect the flights carrying aid to Turkey and Syria due to the earthquake, and the flights of those attending the Munich Security Conference.



While Frankfurt and Hamburg airports urged passengers not to come to the airports, they advised domestic travelers to take a train journey. Hamburg airport spokesman said in a statement that the terminals at the airport were empty due to The Strike , And That Very Few Of The 32 Thousand Passengers Arrived At The Airport.

In the statement made by the German Airports Association (ADV), it was stated that the strike decision was “unacceptable” and that 295 thousand passengers were affected by the strike as a result of the cancellation of 2 thousand 340 flights. ADV President Ralph Beisel stated that the solution of the problems should be discussed at the negotiation table and passengers should not be affected by it.

Under the leadership of the labor union Verdi, public sector workers, airport ground handling workers and security personnel are negotiating with authorities demanding a raise over the rising cost of living.



The employees of Frankfurt Airport, which was the most affected by the strike and where international flights were made, gathered at a point close to the airport and marched. The demonstrators, carrying banners reading “We can do more together” and “We want a 10.5 percent raise”, marched to the airport by whistling and horns.

The labor union Verdi is demanding raises for public sector workers, Airport Ground handling workers and security guards on the grounds that their salaries are insufficient in the face of rising living costs . While the union wanted a raise of 10.5 percent or at least 500 euros for employees, no progress has been made in the negotiations between the two parties so far.


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