Stress from gifts: tips to overcome anxiety

Stress from gifts: tips to overcome anxiety.


The search for the perfect or suitable gifts is exhausting, sometimes even a nightmare. Italians are tired and even depressed at the idea of ​​tackling Christmas gift shopping. If so much stress is created, it means that giving gifts is no longer a way to strengthen emotional ties. Here are some useful tips to overcome gift anxiety:

  • don’t limit yourself to the last moment: you should anticipate the previous months and not wait for Christmas Eve to give gifts. The weekdays are better
  • lower stress: just empathize with the other to try to understand what may be to his liking 
  • do everything with joy and taste: don’t worry if you can’t give gifts or it’s not possible to spend a lot. Sometimes, sensitive people appreciate the little things much more. Companionship and taste also count for decoration and entertainment
  • go where the heart leads: be guided by emotions and by one’s emotional intelligence
  • do-it-yourself gifts: the fashion for do-it-yourself gifts is back, thus saving time and money and avoiding the stress of gifts
  • a packaged gift: in other words, originality makes it unique and different from the others. A bit like the emotional bond of those who give to those who receive
  • perfection does not exist: the approach to gifts must be without pretension of perfection
  • be original: don’t give in to stereotypes, otherwise unease will also arise in family relationships
  • put a fear on the agenda: therefore addressing one question or problem at a time, giving yourself a real break even for just one hour.



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