Stray kitten: rescued from a chimney, is adopted


During the cold season, cats are capable of sneaking around in search of warmth. In fact, this is the case of a stray kitten who while wandering around on the roof of a building fell straight into a chimney of the condominium. A couple from Padua (Este), who heard meowing behind a wall in the kitchen, became aware of the accident. Not having any cats they worried. The noises came from the wall near the hood. That’s when they called for help.


Today a kitten was rescued who fell into the chimney of an apartment building.

note from the Interregional Directorate of the Fire Brigade of Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige

Firefighters broke through the wall. The little cat popped out with his sweet little face that melted the hearts of everyone present. Once rescued and calmed down, the cat found someone who adopted him . The couple owning the flue, who had trapped him, decided to take him. A hole in the wall near the hood remains the sign of the accident, but it seems that everything has been forgotten by the great love that blossomed between them. Perhaps, since the holidays are just around the corner, he wanted to be Santa Claus and enter the fireplace well in advance!



  • Stray kitten falls into a chimney: the firefighters save him then the adoption is triggered (


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