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Stories of Kirby: the fifth episode entirely dedicated to Christmas is available


Christmas has arrived in Dream Land and Nintendo has seen fit to celebrate it by publishing the fifth video story of the Stories of Kirby. In this new episode, which is part of the video transposition of the little illustrated stories starring Kirby published only in Japan, the little pink ball goes in search of a star with which to decorate the Christmas tree.


A glittering star of all colors has fallen from the sky . Kirby runs wildly towards the forest where the star fell in order to find it, but in the end something goes wrong.

This very sweet initiative is part of the activities promoted by Nintendo to celebrate  Kirby’s thirtieth birthday. These splendid video stories narrate the adventures of little Kirby and his friends and have been created with the aim of introducing  one of the cutest characters in the Nintendo world to  the little ones .

We remind you that this is just one of the many initiatives designed to celebrate the birthday of the iconic Nintendo character, which also include the  Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Fest,  a concert that will retrace the history of the famous franchise through music. But that’s not all since the official Kirby Twitter account in the Japanese version has in fact promised the arrival of as many new features for Kirby’s birthday celebrations.

  • Stories of Kirby: The Star (


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