Stomach cancer: cures with two new molecules


Two new molecules for advanced disease in order to change the perspectives and treatment strategies of surgeons and oncologists. In short, progress in the field of chemotherapy and immunotherapy for patients with gastric cancer. The greatest Italian stomach cancer experts met in Rome to discuss the needs and opportunities for patients during an important conference on the topic.

This year’s conference had an excellent response from specialists arriving from all over Italy, our goal as an association is to disseminate knowledge on gastric cancer in the population. We are aware that many critical issues still exist, such as the lack of early diagnosis, the widespread diffusion of defined diagnostic-therapeutic care pathways throughout the country within the reference centers that are still too limited in number and the offer of genetic tests.

Claudia Santangelo, president of ‘Living without a stomach is possible’

The good news arrives in Italy with the recent approval of two molecules for patients with advanced stomach cancer. Experts commented at the conference as follows:


The perception is that in the last 2-3 years there has been a recovery in new cases which have gone from 12,000 to 14,500. This fact can be attributed in part to the emergence of a different aetiology of the disease linked to lifestyles and which seems to have an autoimmune origin linked to diet. This would explain the recovery of the incidence which had drastically reduced in the last thirty years.

  • Stomach cancer, progress for treatment with two new molecules (


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