Stella: new discovery by a 16-year-old boy

Stella: new discovery by a 16-year-old boy.


A new star was discovered in Vicenza by Lorenzo Sassaro, one of the youngest members of an astronomical observatory. MarSec2_V2 is located in the southern constellation of Carina, 1,480 light-years from Earth. Sassaro is only sixteen years old and is a member of the astronomical observatory of Marana di Crespadoro, in the Vicenza area. 


I spotted the variable star from home, before Christmas and it has already been recognized by the international organization for variable stars, the Vsx, Variable Star Index of the Aavso, the American Association Variable Stars Observers. It has a temperature of 10,800 degrees and varies its luminosity with a period of one and a half days. School commitments allow me to go up to the Observatory only two or three times a week for astronomical research nights, so last October I was allowed to scour the night sky from home. And every evening I began to examine celestial objects in the southern hemisphere in particular, starting with the Carina nebula and starting with the examination of public data from recent surveys, that is, taken from the activity of telescopes and satellites.

Lorenzo Sassaro


A discovery made in just three months time. The new variable star has been identified in the southern constellation of Carina . Researching scientific platforms, it was discovered that no one had identified her before. The 16-year-old is perhaps the youngest discoverer of variable stars. His passion for astronomy started as a child.

In 2019 he decided to register as a member of the Observatory and then in 2020 he became an active member to participate in dissemination and research . Sassaro is fascinated by astronomy, because the universe is infinite and never ceases to amaze with new magical discoveries. Lorenzo Sassaro can be defined as a budding scientist, because he made a very important discovery. Worthy of his great perseverance and unusual ability to incorporate new concepts. An excellent input to become a researcher. 


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