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Steam released a free meatball restaurant simulator in which you can beat up child thieves

Various free games are constantly released on Steam, but most of them are of rather low quality, receive poor ratings and do not collect a large audience. However, sometimes pearls can be found among them.


One of them was Bakso Simulator , a simulator of an Indonesian meatball restaurant that is sold on the street. Players start as cart owners, and then grow to a full-fledged restaurant.

The graphics in the game are quite primitive, but the gameplay is probably quite enjoyable – the game has 92% positive reviews.

The gameplay is simple – you need to earn money, improve your business and make sure that someone does not steal it. There are thieves in the game who can be beaten, sometimes they can even be children. Naturally, you can’t beat children, the game allows this if they are virtual criminals.

The reviews say that this is a really enjoyable business building simulator with addictive gameplay. The game also has a storyline and even battles with ghosts.


You can download Bakso Simulator on Steam .


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