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Steam is giving you a free Christmas-themed game, but you have to hurry

Digital Eclipse offers all its fans Jollyball on Steam: here’s how to get it.

There’s nothing better than a new free themed game to celebrate Christmas : that’s exactly what Digital Eclipse thought too , which thanks to a new promotion will allow you to get a welcome gift to redeem directly on Steam.


The team known to have also worked on the TMNT Cowabunga Collection (found on Amazon ) is developing a new Christmas game inspired by 80s arcade classics , which you can already add to your collection from the beta version.

We are talking about Jollyball , a title inspired by the classic arcade volleyball , but starring snowballs and Santa’s nice elves , committed to taking a break from making toys for the little ones.


In a similar way to what has already happened with a free football game , whose promotion has unfortunately ended in the last few hours, a few additional steps will also be necessary for this nice sports title , without having to create any account or make any purchases.

Steam is giving you a free Christmas-themed game, but you have to hurry

In fact, we can confirm that the new free game has already arrived via e-mail to all fans currently subscribed to the Digital Eclipse newsletter : this is the only requirement necessary to access this new freebie.


If you haven’t signed up yet and haven’t received it yet, you have one last chance, but you’ll need to hurry: if you sign up for the newsletter by December 21st , you’ll automatically be entitled to access the latest incoming batch of codes.



All you have to do is go to the following address and fill in the form with your name and e-mail , without having to carry out any further additional operation.

Once this is done, you will simply have to keep an eye on your e-mail address starting tomorrow and in the next few hours: if you have performed the operation correctly, the code with Jollyball to be redeemed on Steam should soon arrive.


However, we remind you that you will necessarily have to register by next Wednesday, otherwise you will not be entitled to access the promotion: we therefore suggest that you hurry before it is too late.

Staying on the subject of new free games on PC, we remind you not to miss the latest adorable gift already available on the Epic Games Store : a new daily gift will be available in a few hours.

But there are also great news for console fans: just a few moments ago, the catalog of free games available on PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium was updated, with 21 new titles .


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