Statement that raises tension: Kosovo is part of Serbia

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, arguing that Kosovo is not an independent country, brought up the claim that it is a part of Serbia according to international law. Evaluating the tension on the border with Kosovo on Sunday evening, in the program he attended on Serbian Radio and Television, Vucic said that ‘the brink of disaster is over’.

“The worst-case scenario has been averted,” Vucic said. “Some obviously want to see the Russian attack on Ukraine as an opportunity,” he said. Defending that Kosovo is not an independent country, Vucic said, “Therefore, there can be no such thing as an attack on Kosovo. “Kosovo Is Part Of Serbia under international law, ” he said. Tensions rose at the border on Sunday evening when the Kosovo government announced that everyone, including Serbs, would be required to have a Kosovo ID card and plate when crossing the border.



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