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Starlink will no longer allow Ukraine to use satellites to control war drones

Starlink will no longer allow Ukraine to use satellites to control war drones.


In a recent speech, SpaceX managers explained that they do not tolerate the use of Starlink satellites supplied to Ukraine for “offensive purposes“. The company explained that it had offered to supply satellite internet technology to facilitate communications in a country destroyed by enemy bombing, but did not tolerate the use of technology even for military purposes, for example, to pilot drones equipped with bombs.


SpaceX COO Gwynne Shotwell spoke on this issue at a Federal Aviation Administration event. “SpaceX opposes the use of its satellites to control military drones,” she explained.

Shotwell also added that the company has already implemented a system to filter the use of its drones and, therefore, prevent Ukraine from continuing to use the satellite connection to fly drones.

The Government of Ukraine, for the moment, has declared that it is not alarmed by the blockade imposed by SpaceX. National Security Council Secretary Oleksiy Danilov explained to the Washington Post that the country does not rely solely on Starlink for military operations.


The news was met with extremely critical tones on social media, where posts by SpaceX and Starlink have since yesterday been systematically targeted by thousands of people enraged by the sudden decision to turn their backs on Ukraine.

“Now make them available again in Ukraine as well. Also for military purposes», reads a comment with hundreds of likes on a SpaceX tweet announcing the arrival of Starlink in Iceland as well. “Do not support the fight against a genocide = provide aid to the genocide.”



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