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Starfield will have DLC, extra content and post-launch mods


Todd Howard has confirmed that  Starfield will have DLCs, expansions and mods after launch, thus officially announcing that the game will offer new content  even after the original release of the game.

We understand that people tend to play our games for very, very long periods of time, “Howard explained,” They are still playing  Skyrim  and this obviously doesn’t happen for 10 years in a row, but it happens that they come back time and time again. and after several breaks, perhaps to discover some additional contents “.

We will certainly be creating extra content for this game (Starfield) and we also love our modder community. We really think this game could be a kind of dream for our modding community, because there are so many things that can be done ”.

Howard therefore assures that Starfield will also give way to the modder community , to which Bethesda is very fond, to give vent to their creativity, filling the Starfield universe with a myriad of new content. We remind you that Howard recently confirmed that there will be over 1000 planets that we will be able to explore in Starfield. They will be made through procedural generation, but they will also include many “handcrafted” elements.

Starfield will be available in  early 2023  on PC and Xbox Series S / X.




  • Starfield Confirmed to Receive Post-Launch DLC (


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