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Starfield: New video diary dedicated to quests


Bethesda has released a new  video  diary on  Starfield all dedicated to the construction of the quests within the game. In the video, which you can find below, the lead quest designer Will Shen  provides several details on the role of the factions, the companions we will meet and the importance of the solar system within the quests.


Answering the first question about  random encounters , Shen explained that these are based on a new system adopted by Bethesda for Starfield, focused on the composition of the planets. Each planet has points of interest such as outposts, bases and settlements, each of which may involve quests due to problems and events that may be located in or related to these places.

It is therefore a system that allows a more dynamic management of points of interest and therefore this implies the possibility of being able to experience a random encounter practically anywhere. Even the solar system , called in the game “Old Quarter”, will be the protagonist of the main missions. In fact, soon we will be sent by Constellation to discover the mysteries of the artifacts at the base of the journey and find out what happened to the Earth.

Shen also explains that we will also visit Mars to visit one of the first settlements that humanity created after leaving Earth. The main settlement is called Cydonia and is a whole city with its inhabitants and its problems.


As for the  factions, Shen says that they will also be present in Starfield and that we will be able to change their progress and their politics through some choices. Instead, we will meet the companions by carrying out the Constellation missions: these are multifaceted characters with a certain depth, who we will also be able to make interact in our place with other NPCs, allowing us to witness different consequences. 

  • Constellation Questions: Talking Starfield Quests with Will Shen (


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