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Starfield: Digital Foundry analysis in a video

Digital Foundry analyzed the Starfield gameplay trailer, evaluating values ​​such as scale, performance, detail and much more. Here are all the details.


Digital Foundry analyzed the Starfield gameplay trailer , carefully evaluating different values ​​such as performance, animations, details, frame rates and much more. The portal specialized in the technical analysis of video games, highlighted many positive aspects such as the presentation in native 4K, the marked improvement of the animations during the fights and the more refined modeling of the weapons that we will use while exploring the galaxy.

Still, the analysis of Digital Foundry also praised the rendering of all the effects concerning lasers and explosions, defined as promising and a substantial step forward compared to what was seen in previous Bethesda titles.

However, there are two aspects that have not convinced: the first concerns the absence of reflections in ray tracing , the second instead the presence of significant drops in frame rate during some phases of combat. Digital Foundry, however, is convinced that the different graphics modes that the game will have will, however, serve to alleviate the possible limitations in this regard.

Starfield does not yet have a release date, but will be available in early 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X / S.



  • Starfield Reveal Analysis: Next-Gen Scale, But What About Performance? (




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