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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Release Date Announced With Gameplay Trailer, Pre-Order Prices Announced

We’ve seen a gameplay trailer for Star Wars Jedi Survivor, as well as release date info.

The Game Awards, one of the favorite events of the game world and hosting numerous new announcements, started at 03.30 pm with the presentation of Geoff Keighley. On the one hand, the games find their awards in various categories, on the other hand, brand new news and updates are enough to inflame the industry.


As a matter of fact, we witnessed an exciting gameplay trailer and the production’s release date for Star Wars Jedi Survivor, which was announced recently and is the sequel to Fallen Order .

When will Star Wars Jedi Survivor debut?

After Fallen Order, one of Electronic Arts’ favorite Jedi games and slightly curved to the Soulslike genre, Survivor continues on the same path with items that will add depth to the gameplay.

During the TGA 2022 event, we saw an action-packed gameplay trailer; It will include larger locations, a diversified pool of enemies, additional Force abilities, and brand new lightsaber fighting styles (including Kylo Ren’s defense mechanism).

Set five years after the first game, the production is about Cal, a slightly older Jedi knight, and his trusty droid BD-1 continuing their war against the Empire.

While the early order period of Star Wars Jedi Survivor was opened, the release date was announced as March 17, 2023. In addition, the pre-order prices on the game’s Steam page are as follows:

  • Standard version: 1199.99 TL
  • Deluxe Edition: 1599,99 TL


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