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Star Wars apparently will be at The Game Awards, with release date [ADJ.]

Cal Kestis’ new adventure will almost certainly be shown at the next The Game Awards.

Update December 2nd at 20.45

A few days before the start of The Game Awards 2022 , the official Star Wars account changed the cover of the Twitter profile by putting the Star Wars Jedi Survivor logo , giving rise to the rumors of a few weeks ago.


Original news

Star Wars Jedi Survivor  is still shrouded in mystery, although apparently soon we will know the official release date of the game.

The sequel to  Fallen Order (you can find it on Amazon at a great price) was announced a long time ago, but the game has not yet been shown in an official capacity.


Over the months, many clues have appeared about an alleged release date , although EA has not yet said a word about it.

Now, after two possible Star Wars Jedi Survivor release dates popped up  recently , well-known Jeff Grubb reveals when we’ll see the game in action.


Via social media, Grubb has in fact revealed that Cal Kestis’ new adventure will almost certainly be shown at the next The Game Awards which will be held next December, as also reported on ResetEra .


But that’s not all: in the same post, Grubb also announced that the release date should be set for March next year .

From what was reported a few weeks ago, Electronic Arts allegedly describes the game as a “major IP” that will release before March 31, 2023 .

But that’s not all: a few weeks ago a fairly reliable report emerged that identified Star Wars Jedi Survivor  as  punctual and without any postponement on the  horizon.


In the face of this and other previous news, March 2023 becomes more and more a plausible period for the release of the new adventure set in a galaxy far, far away. We will keep you updated as soon as we know more.

The next chapter promises, among other things,  a much more mature plot , demonstrating how much the development team  wants to make a leap in quality .

Finally, the developer has already clarified that most of  Survivor ‘s improvements  will  mainly concern the graphic aspect , so we can only hope that things are done right.


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