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Spotify tests token-powered playlists

The token-supported playlists in the test version allow NFT owners to listen to their own music selections by connecting their wallets to the platform.

Spotify, which released the artificial intelligence-supported “DJ” feature using OpenAI technology this week , is working on a new feature called token-enabled playlists. This feature, which is in the test version, allows NFT owners to listen to their special music selections by connecting their wallets to the platform.

The feature is currently  available to token holders of the Fluf,  Moonbirds,  Kingship , and  Overlord communities. Playlist selections will be actively updated during the 3-month testing period. However, these playlists will only be accessible to members of the community via a unique link.

Web3 gaming and media startup Overlord announced in a tweet that Creepz NFT owners will be able to access the Invasion playlist created by the project’s community by connecting their Web3 wallets to Spotify.





Alongside Overlord, Universal Music Group’s NFT group KINGSHIP also shared a token-powered playlist for NFT holders. The playlist features tracks by Queen, Missy Eliott, Snoop Dogg, and Led Zeppelin.

Protocol development leader of NFTX, Apoorv Lathey, shared some screenshots for those wondering how this new feature works. According to these images, NFT holders can connect to Spotify with Metamask, Trust Wallet, Rainbow, Ledger Live or Zerion wallets. 




This feature, which is positioned as a pilot project, is currently only available to android users in the USA, UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.  

A Spotify spokesperson said in a statement about the feature that   they regularly test new features to improve the user experience, some of these features meet with a large user base, while others only teach themselves something important.

In this context, it is not yet known whether the feature will meet with a wider user base. Still, these token-powered playlists could be the first step towards building Web3-focused revenue models for artists on Spotify in the future.


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