Sport psychology: meetings for associations and families


In the Sala Reale of Palazzo Verbania some appointments will be held which will deal with the objectives of sport psychology . Furthermore, also on the areas of intervention and some psychological aspects related to sports practice. The events are organized by the municipal administration of Luino.


The speaker will be Dr. Francesca Franchi, psychologist, sports psychologist and psychotherapist in training. In her study path she has turned her attention to the dimension of the group and sport. The passion for the study of psychic functions and human relationships led her to specialize in sports psychotherapy . You attended a Masters in Sport Psychology and then the Center for the Peschiera Borromeo family, AC Milan. Here is the calendar of events:

  • 7 December, 8.30 pm: meeting on the role of the coach and the communication of athletes, insight into the psychological aspects in sports practice
  • 16 February 2023, 8.30 pm: meeting on the figure and tools of the sport psychologist in relation to the coach and staff
  • 17 February 2023, 8.30 pm: meeting on the role of parents within the sporting context, their presence and influence on children in sport

Palazzo Serbelloni has shortly announced the officialization of the dates of other training meetings . These with the collaboration of city associations aimed at nutrition, sports medicine, communication, typhus, personal defense. In short, days dedicated to sport in all its facets!


  • “Sport psychology”, a series of meetings for associations and families in Luino (


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