Space pollution – the impact of various substances

Space pollution – the impact of various substances.


One of the new guidelines for university study and research centers aims at the analysis of space pollution, which is not only made up of debris and wreckage. The problem is environmental sustainability, where growing space crowding is not only a danger to other satellites but is linked to other pollutants. The particulates accumulated by the Mesosphere and the aluminum particles in the Stratosphere deplete the ozone layer. 


Objects with a mass of 9,855.5 tons exist in orbit, of which less than 5% are related to functional objects. Another study states that the effects created by airdrops and debris on global climate cause nitric oxide and acid rain. A further study was carried out to measure the impact of the Starlink constellation and SpaceX’s Starship program. Another document confirms that the deorbiting of space objects produces pollutants. 

There is also talk of ” exotic materials ” such as resins, paints, but there are also toxic and radioactive materials. Therefore, there are particles and gases that influence atmospheric temperatures and damage the ozone layer. Rocket engines also give rise to harmful emissions. Unfortunately, however, the magnitude and significance of these effects are poorly understood. This is because there is a lack of observational data and these would be useful together with any scientific models to improve the sustainability of space.




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