Space missions 2023: goals and news

Space missions 2023: goals and news.


Space missions are no longer a remote dream, but are turning into an ever more concrete reality. In 2023, we expect many different entities to participate in these extraordinary editions in the empyrean. From government space agencies like NASA and ESA to the privately owned New Space Industry with SpaceX, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic, organizations around the world are collaborating to make humans more present in space. Building satellites, sending explorers to other planets and building orbital stations are just some of the goals that our bold minds hope to achieve thanks to the space missions of 2023.


The goals of the 2023 space missions are very exciting. Advancement in technology is making it possible to explore a variety of planets and satellites, as well as explore more remote regions of space. Humanity will have the opportunity to experience the infinite possibilities that the study of the cosmos offers. With scientific research, astronautics and cutting-edge space engineering technology, space missions in 2023 are more ambitious than ever. The construction of lunar bases, permanent orbital laboratories and even bolder projects such as colonizing Mars are not just science fiction but achievable goals within the next few years! Also new explorations deep into space, including traveling to our Galaxy, will be achievable with these space missions. All in all, it’s certainly an exciting time for all Space lovers!

Private spacewalk: in 2023 the first in history

In 2023, more than half a century into the Space Age , the chance to explore outer space is closer than ever. Technology has made great strides allowing man to travel through space and discover his unlimited potential. Missions to Mars are among the most coveted and are reaching a critical point that will make it possible to arrive on the red planet by 2023. There is also the possibility of expeditions to asteroids orbiting the Earth. We can only imagine the incredible scientific success that will follow these space missions! So, in 2023, get ready to discover far-flung places to explore the grandeur of space and enjoy it to its fullest.

If you want to have an out-of-the-ordinary experience and take part in the first private spacewalk , 2023 could be the right year to travel far from Earth. Indeed, in March, Polaris Dawn , the commercial manned mission that will be the first to take this historic step, will take off towards the infinite cosmos. A unique opportunity not to be missed! It is therefore something extraordinary and exciting and it is only the beginning of many adventures that progress has in store for the human species. 


It is with great excitement that the Polaris Dawn team embarks on a historic experience in the first private spacewalk. The mission consists of a crew of six, consisting of three professional astronauts and three ordinary citizens. The members for the mission were chosen with great care, verifying their technical skills and their psychophysical resistance to the extreme environment of outer space. Each of the members was carefully trained for at least two years prior to departure to ensure they were ready to face any challenge that came their way during the flight. This included not only lectures on how the space shuttle works, but also intense physical and mental training sessions. The Polaris Dawn team is now ready to experience an unforgettable journey into Space!

In March 2023 the first commercial crewed Polaris Dawn will make history: it is preparing to become the first mission in history with a private crew in outer space. All eyes on Earth will be on this adventure, which will demonstrate humanity’s growing ability to explore the universe. Furthermore, it will open doors for new possibilities such as the development of innovative technologies and the start-up of new enterprises for space exploration. The mission will represent a leap into the unknown and is certainly destined to write unforgettable pages of human history.

The United Arab Emirates return to space

Excitement is also skyrocketing for the 2023 Expedition : an astro-explorer of space from the United Arab Emirates will land on the International Space Station. It will be a real homecoming for the citizens of the Emirates, who in 2019 rejoiced in the historic mission of Hazza Al Mansouri . This time it will be a little different, with an Emirates astronaut’s first Expedition extending beyond their 7-day stay in space. The inhabitants of the Earth will thus be able to take the opportunity to follow the incredible journey through live broadcasts from Space and other exclusive content on the events taking place on the ISS. 


Emirati astronauts are trained at the ISS Astronaut Training Center in Dubai to best prepare for the mission. The training program includes a medical checkup , a rigorous exercise regimen, and a training program that includes technical knowledge of spaceflight, operational procedures, and psychological training . of the astronaut. The goal is to ensure that astronauts are ready and prepared to handle the challenging environmental conditions of the mission, both mentally and physically. The scientific and technical staff are very excited by the opportunity presented by the 2023 mission to the UAE: a step forward towards the future of scientific research in space.

The UAE will be the country’s first real expedition into space , thus offering an extraordinary opportunity to develop skills and knowledge on space exploration and broaden scientific horizons. Not only that, but the mission will also be a major step in the Emirates’ aspirations to become a world leader in aerospace technology . The crew will conduct groundbreaking science experiments in space, as well as have the opportunity to learn cutting-edge techniques related to remote control of orbital robotic vehicles and perform environmental monitoring of extrasolar planets. The mission will also bring optimism to the region as it will foster education and inspire new generations to tackle future challenges related to space exploration.

Hazza Al Mansouri became a true legend in 2019 when he had a seven day experience aboard the International Space Station. The first UAE astronaut in Space arrived with great success and satisfaction, also carrying out the mission to repair a fault in the ISS. With this heroic gesture, he made his fellow citizens proud and secured his place in history as the UAE’s most audacious champion. His adventure has inspired millions of people around the world to follow their dreams and believe in their abilities.


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SpaceX goals for 2023: 42 missions

SpaceX is also working hard to reach Starlink ‘s goal of 42 missions in 2022. That goal was announced by Elon Musk last month, and it includes a mix of satellite and commercial launches around the world. To achieve this, SpaceX is planning multiple launches each week with its Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rocket launchers . With several launches already completed in 2021, Musk’s company appears to be well on track to cross that milestone by the end of the year. Starlink is also expected to help lay the groundwork for its most ambitious goal yet: more than 100 launches in 2023 .

SpaceX ‘s #4 Orbital Shell is bringing a sea change to the satellite industry. It was transforming satellite access and allowing more people into space. The mission consists of putting 1584 satellites into orbit , which represent the thrust necessary to reach 100 Starlink launches by 2023. With this orbital pod, SpaceX will provide broadband services globally and extend the benefits of low-latency networks to million of people. Furthermore, they will offer a system with low latency that will be used for industrial applications such as land and marine navigation, environmental monitoring and industrial automation. 

Space mission: all appointments

We have collected below all the appointments for the next 2023 launches and missions, signs on the calendar so you don’t miss a single space conquest!

  • Juice mission : will depart from the European Spaceport in French Guiana on 14 April 2023 and is expected to arrive at its destination, Jupiter, by 30 April. The main objective is to explore the icy moons of Jupiter (Ganymede, Europa and Callisto) and study their properties as planetary environments and possible habitats.
  • Sentinel-1 mission : the third Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellite will be launched between May and June 2023 , and is designed to replace the previous one, leading to an improvement in space radar technologies. Furthermore, the mission is an integral part of the EU’s Copernicus space programme, which aims to provide information about the Earth from a space perspective.
  • Euclid satellite : the launch is expected between July and September 2023 . The main objective is to create a three-dimensional map of the Universe, exploring the evolution of the so-called “Dark Universe”. Euclid will observe billions of galaxies up to a maximum of 10 billion light years away, covering more than a third of the entire sky.
  • Huginn mission : In August 2023 Andreas Mogensen, a Danish ESA astronaut, will depart on the Huginn mission, a six-month space mission aboard the International Space Station (ISS). During this mission, Mogensen will focus on exploration and studying science in the orbital environment. 


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