Southern hemisphere: why it’s stormier


A recent study found that the Southern Hemisphere is 24% stormier than the Northern. Scholars have found the main culprits: oceanic circulation and large mountain ranges in the northern hemisphere. Experts combined observations, theory, and simulations with the physics of the Earth’s climate. We removed a few different variables, one at a time, and then quantified the impact of each on the storms. 


The first variable concerns large mountain ranges: they interrupt the flow of air. This reduces storms and there are more mountain ranges in the northern hemisphere. The other variable is oceanic circulation, slow but powerful. After these initial responses to why the Southern Hemisphere is stormier, they looked at changing storms . This in the Southern Hemisphere is related to ocean change . The final signs are: increased storms in the southern hemisphere and negligible changes in the northern hemisphere.

It is essential to predict, to understand what will happen with the acceleration of climate change. Thus we increase confidence in climate change projections by helping the community prepare for the sudden impacts of climate change. One goal of the research is to understand if the models taken into consideration are giving good information. A way to better understand if we can trust the future. The stakes are high. 

  • Discovered why the southern hemisphere is stormier than the northern one


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