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Sony has sold over 30 million PS5s. Sony Interactive Entertainment’s N.1: “now it’s easily found in stores”

Sony has sold over 30 million PS5s. Sony Interactive Entertainment’s N.1: “now it’s easily found in stores”


According to the N.1 of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, the Playstation 5 would now have become easily available in specialized stores dedicated to electronics.

In short, the end of the Playstation emergency: it would no longer be necessary to shell out huge sums on the secondary market powered by scalpers or bombard your reference GameStop with phone calls. For Microsoft, the situation has actually improved for some time, but is it really the same for Sony?

Speaking during a panel at CES in Las Vegas, Ryan explained that Sony found itself forced to manage “unprecedented demand” in a context made extremely difficult by the global challenges of the last two years.

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) was one of the most popular and in-demand gaming consoles at the time of its launch, which led to high consumer demand . However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors, PS5 availability has been limited, making it nearly impossible for many consumers to find it in stores.


One reason the availability of the PS5 has been limited is that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the manufacturing and distribution of many products, including components needed to manufacture game consoles like the PS5. This has made it more difficult for the producer to meet consumer demand.

Although the Covid-19 emergency has partially subsided, China has pursued a zero Covid policy, imposing frequent local lockdowns which have (in some cases even very recent) frozen the production of the main electronics products.

The good news is that according to Jim Ryan the worst is over. “From now on all those who have the desire to buy a Playstation 5 will no longer have difficulty finding one at authorized retailers,” he said.

Ryan added that Sony has been able to ship over 30 million Playstation 5 consoles since its debut day and that the company expects to hit 60 million by March 2024.



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