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Sony already halved the sales estimates of the PlayStation VR 2

Sony already halved the sales estimates of the PlayStation VR 2.


The launch of the PlayStation VR 2 was a disaster. Pre-orders are lower than Sony’s expectations, which has decided to reduce its sales estimates from 2 million units to just 1 million. Demand may still change and partners and suppliers have been advised. Virtual reality has not had the desired diffusion among consumers due to the lack of enticing content.


The sector is dominated by Meta, a company that, in addition to Facebook, also controls the Oculus brand, which has now become Meta Quest. If Meta can count on 85% of the market shares, Sony stops at 1%.

Sony dominates little in the industry with its first generation PSVR not even getting 1% market share. Meta (formerly Facebook) dominates with about 85% of market shares. The Sony VR viewer is not standalone and costs a good €599, to which, to play, you must necessarily add at least €450 for a PS5, as well as any games and subscriptions.

All in all, over €1,000. The gaming industry, beyond limited experiments that are almost always an end in itself, is still focused on the use of traditional content. Investments in virtual reality are scarce and the stock of titles available even less. In short, consumers know very well that they should spend €1,000 to use an accessory that doesn’t offer many hours of content right now. Things don’t look set to change anytime soon.



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