Solidarity pharmacies: renewal of the 2023 memorandum of understanding


The memorandum of understanding between the Banco Farmaceutico Foundation, Egualia, and FOFI – Federation of Pharmacists’ Orders has been renewed for 2023. The objectives of the protocol are to implement and support the creation of a Network of Solidarity Pharmaceutical Units (PFS). A way to cure the diseases of poverty and migration. In addition, also create a report on the most common pathologies among patients. 


There will be volunteer pharmacists responsible for the distribution of over 100,000 packs of medicines donated and distributed by Banco Farmaceutico. Distribution will take place in 11 entities affiliated with Banco Farmaceutico. Welfare organizations located from north to south Italy with a forecasted need relating to 475 active ingredients for a total of 106,386 packs.

These are medicinal products relating to the main therapies intended for the treatment of the most common diseases. In the first protocol, the entities benefited from 39,538 pharmaceutical packs donated by Banco Farmaceutico thanks to 31 companies that donated pharmaceutical products. There are also 3 projects through which Banco Farmaceutico managed to purchase drugs and PPE. A total of 7,472 people were involved in the pharmaceutical assistance activity. 

Working for Banco Farmaceutico means rediscovering the reasons why we must be proud of our profession as a pharmacist. Every time we put ourselves at the Foundation’s service, we have confirmation of how essential our professional baggage is for the achievement of its institutional objective : to recover and distribute free of charge the necessary medicines to the needy.

Valerio Della Vedova, protagonist of the volunteer experience in the activities of the Pharmaceutical Bank


In 2021 in Italy at least 600 thousand poor people were unable to buy the medicines they needed. So the pharmacies in solidarity with the renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding Banco Farmaceutico – Egualia – Fofi are also engaging in this initiative. Concrete help for those who, aggravated by the increase in the cost of living, give up on meeting the most urgent expenses. The fact of finding people, companies and institutions that allow foundations such as Banco Farmaceutico to do their job is positive. A way that encourages a sign of profound humility and the hope that the future can be better.

  • Solidarity pharmacies: Banco Farmaceutico – Egualia – Fofi Memorandum of Understanding renewed (


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