Solar panels will be mandatory for new homes built after 2025 in Tokyo

In Tokyo, the capital of Japan, solar panels will be required to be installed in large houses that will be built after 2025, as part of the zero carbon target.

In line with the new decision adopted at the Tokyo Metropolitan Governor’s Assembly, it will be aimed to “contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions” throughout the capital city.


According to the decision, after April 2025, the installation of renewable energy equipment, including solar panels, will be required in new residential constructions up to 2 thousand square meters.

In the news in the national press, it was noted that the new decision may affect the new projects of 50 large contractor companies across the city.

Capital Governor Koike Yuriko said in a statement that 4 percent of the buildings that can be installed in the city-wide already have these panels.

The governorship aims to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, when compared to carbon emission levels in 2000.



By the end of 2020, Japan had committed to achieving its zero carbon target by 2050.


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