Social bees: finding food is an odyssey


Bees and the like don’t take many breaks, maybe we have more free time. It is above all the social bees that have this great predisposition to work . They travel farther and more frequently to collect needed pollen and nectar. The reason for this extra work of social bees compared to solitary ones for the flight necessary to reach greater distances is easy to understand. The social bee must think about the sustenance of the whole group and not of his single family. She must therefore travel a greater distance to get enough food to satisfy an entire colony 


To meet such pollen and nectar demands for the colony, this type of bee has evolved effective adaptations . Here social bees have invented a multilevel form of communication that allows all the others to understand each other. They turn their attention to the area with the highest yield and lowest energy expenditure . Another plus of social bees is the breadth of their diet allowing them to reach greater distances. 

The study’s findings suggest that the many social traits of bees have implications for the prediction of pollination services. Also, also for storage for bees and plants. Also the size of the body and the constancy of the flowers contribute to making longer journeys. 

Bees are not only tireless workers in search of new resources, but they represent resources themselves . Protecting social bees is one of man’s primary objectives, because they carry out the pollination necessary to develop nutrients on our planet. We must help bees carry out their daily odyssey to allow plants to reproduce. 

  • The odyssey of social bees to find food (


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